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Kellye Kamp, Founder and Owner of SourceKamp, is a seasoned entrepreneur who consults businesses and organizations on creating extraordinary experiences for their client base. With a diverse background spanning advertising, hospitality, construction, design, and consulting, Ms. Kamp leverages her extensive experience to offer insightful guidance to businesses and individuals, emphasizing human-centered experiences.
After more than a decade, Ms. Kamp left the advertising agency world to pursue a different field. When she felt the tug to rejoin agency life a few years later, she quickly realized that the rapid evolution of digital advertising had left her behind. Far behind!
Determined not to repeat the same mistake, and insure other businesses didn't encounter a similar blind-siding, she has dedicated 1,000+ hours to learning and implementing Artificial Intelligence tools for business.

Offering personalized consulting, workshops, and forward-thinking strategies, Ms. Kamp helps bridge the technical knowledge gap and empowers businesses to remain competitive and relevant in a rapidly changing business landscape.



Leveraging resources for your business

SourceKamp is a Business Consulting and Tech Integration Agency that provides innovative solutions to businesses looking to leverage the power of artificial intelligence.


We specialize in providing custom-tailored solutions to help businesses of all sizes maximize their efficiency and reach their goals.

Our team of experts have years of experience in business with a focus on helping companies create human-centered solutions that drive growth and innovation. Our goal is to help your business succeed by using the latest in AI technology. From research and development to automation and integration, SourceKamp can help you stay ahead of the competition.

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