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Here are just a few ways we've been using AI for our clients this week...

Create for me a story about Bob. Bob is trying to get home from work in time for dinner. However, he experiences a series of catastrophes on the way home and he is late. He also has to pick up his two children from school on the way home.

Now write a summary about what Bob could have done differently to have prevented his disasters.

Now turn Bob's storyinto a poem - 5 stanzas and 20 verses

Now rewrite the same poem with a different outcome - 5 stanzas and 20 verses

Now create Bob's story in bullet points making a list of action items for Bob's next trip home.

Now create a spreadsheet showing the causes, effects and a future plan of action for Bob.

Now create a game, complete with instructions, to help Bob remember how to get home safer next time.

Now create a prompt for Midjourney to create a graphic of the board game.

Now compare and contrast between two tire companies plus a recommendation.

Create a list of all needed documents and permits for a start-up business in catering for the state of Texas. Provide links to each form for the state's requirements and any other information needed for this business.

Create a course based on the following course description offered by *************. Expand on each module and add a quiz to each section plus a scoring key.

(Original course cost was $700. We now have a product we can sell ourselves.)

I have a client who is 89 years old with Type II Diabetes and Alzheimer's. Create a daily lunch menu for the month of September to accommodate his diet that will go into a bento box. He also needs to gain five pounds over the course of four weeks.

Create a spreadsheet for a food truck business to track reordering needs. I need you to generate the rows, columns and formulas with a trigger to reorder when quantities get down to 40%.






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